Barcelona Shadows

Marc Pastor

Children are going missing in Barcelona. A body is found, twisted, drained of blood. The locals say a devil is moving in the shadows, spiriting away the innocent.To the police, it just means more corpses in a city where death is a daily occurrence. Who cares about the children of a few prostitutes and thieves?Inspector Moisès Corvo-jaded, dissolute, yet with an uncanny sixth sense-knows something is different this time. To discover the true identity of the "monster" he must journey through Barcelona's underworld, from high-class brothels to lurid casinos, where there are powerful people who will do anything to stop him. He cannot imagine the horror that awaits him.Visceral and shocking, Barcelona Shadows opens up the heart of evil, in a macabre world where the lines between life and death are blurred.

Translated by Mara Faye Lethem
Cover illustration by Clare Skeats
272 pp
Published 02/01/2014
ISBN 9781782270225
C-Format Trade Paperback


Barcelona Shadows


I Was Jack Mortimer
Barcelona Shadows