From the Fatherland with Love

Ryu Murakami

From the Fatherland, with Love is set in an alternative, dystopian present in which the dollar has collapsed and Japan's economy has fallen along with it. The North Korean government, sensing an opportunity, sends a fleet of 'rebels' in the first land invasion that Japan has ever faced. Japan can't cope with the surprise onslaught of 'Operation From the Fatherland, with Love'. But the terrorist Ishihara and his band of renegade youths - once dedicated to upsetting the Japanese government - turn their deadly attention to the North Korean threat. They will not allow Fukuoka to fall without a fight.

Epic in scale, From the Fatherland, with Love is laced throughout with Murakami's characteristically savage violence. It's both a satisfying thriller and a completely mad, over-the-top novel like few others.

Translated by Ginny Tapley Takemori / Charles De Wolf / Ralph McCarthy
Cover illustration by David Pearson
672 pp
Published 09/05/2013
ISBN 9781908968456
Royal Hardback


From the Fatherland with Love

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