The Society of the Crossed Keys

Wes Anderson Stefan Zweig

"It's just a masterpiece. When I read it I thought, how is it that we don't know about this-how is it that I am the only person I know who's read this book?" Wes Anderson, on Stefan Zweig's Beware of Pity

Contents: A Conversation with Wes Anderson-Wes Anderson discusses Zweig's life and work with Zweig biographer George Prochnik. The World of Yesterday-Selected extracts from Zweig's memoir, an unrivalled evocation of bygone Europe. Beware of Pity-An extract from Zweig's only novel, a devastating depiction of the torment of the betrayal of both honour and love. Twenty-Four Hours in the Life of a Woman-One of Stefan Zweig's best-loved stories in full-a passionate tale of gambling, love and death.

Translated by Anthea Bell
Cover illustration by Nathan Burton
272 pp
Published 13/03/2014
ISBN 9781782271079
B-Format Paperback


The Society of the Crossed Keys