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Are you fascist enough? Find out now!

Posted 10th January 2020

As we reflect and look forward to this new year, the question on everybody’s lips seems to be: why continue to make ourselves miserable? Is it really worth the bother? We think not. We think it’s time to stop struggling, to stop standing in the way of progress, and let what will be, be.

As I’m sure you’ll agree, books are a brilliant way to learn these things. So step aside Marie Kondo, move along Mrs Hinch, and make way for the next big thing in self-improvement:

HOW TO BE A FASCIST: a manual by Michela Murgia

“But how do I know if I’m a fascist?” we hear you cry. Never fear! Our snappy new book comes with an easy-to-complete and totally unique FASCISTOMETER to test how much room for improvement you truly have.

Click here to take the test.

The better, bolder you is just around the corner.

How to Be a Fascist by Michela Murgia publishes 16th January. Get your copy here.