As Rich as the King

by Abigail Assor


Published 3rd August 2023



A coming of age tale and twisted love story, set amid the beaches, streets and mansions of Nineties Casablanca

Sarah is poor, but at least she’s French, which allows her to attend the city’s elite high school for ex pats and wealthy locals. It’s there that she first lays eyes on Driss. He’s older, quiet and not particularly good looking – apart from his eyes, which are the green of thyme simmering in a tagine. Most importantly he’s rumoured to be the richest guy in the city. She decides she wants those eyes. And she wants a life like his.

But to get to Driss she will have to cross the gaping divide that separates them and climb to the top of the city’s society, from street corner merguez and frites to mansions overlooking the ocean. Provocative, immersive, sensual, As Rich as the King is a a twisted love story amidst the streets of Casablanca.

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Translated by Natasha Lehrer

Illustrated by Holly Ovenden