by Amanda Harlech


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After an unsatisfying relationship, twenty-five-year-old Graye Weston falls immediately under the spell of Anthony Tierney, a virile gentleman farmer whose crumbling country pile contains long-buried family secrets. Abandoning London for a life of rustic seclusion at Oerley Hall, Graye finds herself feeling increasingly isolated as her wedding day approaches, troubled by mysterious noises in the night and the many unanswered questions concerning her fiancé’s background.
What was the real fate of Anthony’s brother Lyonel, and how is it connected with his time in Tuscany twenty years previously? Who is the tall, debonair stranger and why does his visit to the Hall infuriate Anthony? And whose are the nocturnal footsteps in the attic?
Moving backwards and forwards from the 1960s to the present day, Amanda Harlech’s captivating debut is a Gothic romance in the tradition of Jane Eyre and Rebecca, telling a powerful and moving story in vivid, impressionistic prose.

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