Clementine Loves Red

by Krystyna Boglar


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At the end of a long, hot summer Mark, Annie and Pudding (real name: Derek) are dreading the return to school. So, when they find a little girl in distress in the woods, who has lost someone called Clementine, they leap at the chance of an adventure. OK, so it’s getting dark, and they don’t know what Clementine looks like, and she could be anywhere in the forest… but what could go wrong?
They enlist the help of their friends Eddie and Freddie, and hurry off into the trees. But unbeknownst to them, there are others on the trail too: as a storm breaks, six children, an irascible artist, a sleepy journalist, some frantic policemen and a sneezing car all find themselves out in the pouring rain, searching for the mysterious Clementine – but where, and who, is she?
Clementine Loves Red is an adventure story as funny as it is charming, and a renowned classic of Polish Children’s literature.

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Translated by Antonia Lloyd-Jones, Zosia Krasodomska-Jones

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