Count d’Orgel

by Raymond Radiguet


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A classic French tale of morality and a ménage à trios

Set in Parisian society after the First World War, this is the study of a three-sided relationship between Count Anne d’Orgel, his wife Mahaut and a young man they befriend, Francois de Seryeuse. The couple then find that their marriage is qualified and confirmed by the feelings thus released.

An extraordinary achievement … well caught in Violet Schiff’s brilliant translation. –GiILBERT ADAIR Evening Standard

The tale is definitely a masterpiece, one attempted and achieved by a young man of nineteen who was on his deathbed before it was published. JOHN BAYLEY Times Literary Supplement

Raymond Radiguet was born in 1903 and died tragically young in 1923, having writen only two short but celebrated novels and a volume of poetry. After leaving, school, Radiguet entered Parisian literary circles, becoming the protege of Jean Cocteau. Count d’Orgel was published posthumously by Cocteau whose afterword appears in this edition.

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Translated by Violet Schiff


Genre:Classics / Fiction