How I Lost The War

by Filippo Bologna


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A satire about eco-cultural terrorism in an idyllic Tuscan town

Time passes slowly in a sleepy Tuscan village once renowned for its thermal baths … until the arrival of Ottone Gattai, a ruthless businessman who has come to this idyllic countryside to revive the legendary baths as an ultra-modern tourist resort. appalled by the transformation of his beloved birthplace, federico, scion of the landowning Cremona family, decides to take action. When peaceful protest proves ineffective, he and his girlfriend Lea launch a guerilla war against the forces of globalisation. This richly satirical first novel by a brilliant young Italian writer is the story of this strange war.

Filippo Bologna was born in Tuscany in 1978. He lives in Rome where he works as a writer and screenwriter. His novels The Parrots and How I Lost the War are also published by Pushkin Press.

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Translated by Howard Curtis