How to Be Brave

by Daisy May Johnson


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A fizzingly funny, heartfelt middle-grade novel about a resourceful girl, her impractical mother and a kidnapping mystery

Some stories are about adventure.
Some are about heroes.
Some are about ducks.

This one is about all three.

Calla North and her mum Elizabeth live a life that’s far from normal. There are days when the power is cut off and Calla has to do her homework by candlelight; there are others when curious strangers want to talk to Elizabeth about her research on ducks.

When Elizabeth says yes to a once-in-a-lifetime trip to save a small brown duck, she sends Calla to the best place she knows: The School of the Good Sisters. Staffed by nuns whose preferred subjects include light aircraft maintenance, camouflage skills, and cake — lots of cake — Calla is about to discover her bravery, and to learn that when trouble comes, there’s no better back-up than a Blessing of Nuns…

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