Käsebier Takes Berlin

by Gabriele Tergit


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In Berlin, 1930, the name Käsebier is on everyone’s lips. A literal combination of the German words for “cheese” and “beer,” it’s an unglamorous name for an unglamorous man – a small-time crooner who performs nightly on a shabby stage for labourers, secretaries, and shopkeepers. Until the press shows up.

In the blink of an eye, this everyman is made a star: one who can sing songs for a troubled time. Margot Weissmann, the arts patron, hosts champagne breakfasts for Käsebier; Muschler the banker builds a theatre in his honour; Willi Frächter, a parvenu writer, makes a killing from Käsebier-themed business ventures and books.

All the while, the journalists who catapulted Käsebier to fame watch the monstrous media machine churn in amazement – and are aghast at the demons they have unleashed.

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Translated by Sophie Duvernoy


Genre:Classics / Fiction