by Susan Steinberg


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‘Propulsive, unflinching and disturbing’ Eimear McBride

‘A brilliant read’ Daisy Johnson

‘Terribly and splendidly moving’ R. O. Kwon

A jagged, propulsive story of guilt and youth spinning off its axis in the wake of a drowning

She’s one of the stars of the shore this summer; one of the girls who doesn’t care what she’s drinking or what pill she’s taking; who ties perfectly knotted cherry stems with her tongue; her family is rich and she’s untouchable. Except her parent’s marriage is in brutal collapse and her brother is violently lashing out, the community around her wracked with suspicion and guilt. As her identity unravels, she circles back to the night that a local girl drowned, and no one tried to save her.

Daringly experimental, Machine is a kaleidoscopic interrogation of gender, class and privilege, an unforgettable rendering of youth spinning out of control.

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