My Cat Yugoslavia

by Pajtim Statovci


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‘A strange,haunting, and utterly original exploration of displacement and desire’ — TéaObreht, author of The Tiger’s Wife, New York TimesBook Review

‘Fearless, delicate, beautiful, sad,haunting and wonderful. A brilliant novel that mesmerizes with both itshumanity and its utter uniqueness’ — JeffVanderMeer

In 1980s Yugoslavia, a young girl namedEmine is married off to a man she hardly knows. But soon her country is torn apartby war, and she is forced to flee with her family.

Decadeslater Emine’s son, Bekim, has grown up a social outcast in a country suspiciousof foreigners. Aside from casual hook-ups, his only companion is a pet boaconstrictor – until one night in a gay bar, Bekim meets a talking cat. It isthis witty, charming, manipulative creature that starts him on a journey backto Kosovo to confront his demons and make sense of the remarkable, cruelhistory of his family. And soon he learns that love can be found in the mostunexpected places.

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Translated by David Hackston