My Men

by Victoria Kielland


Published 6th July 2023



Brynhild carried the world’s cruelty right under her skin, but also the world’s beauty

Seventeen-year-old Brynhild is in a fever – she can’t quiet the screaming world inside her. Following the brutal end of an intense affair, she flees Norway for America to begin a new life as Bella. She tries to settle first with her sister and then with a husband, but the restless pulse of her desire and fear won’t let her keep still. As Bella seeks refuge in a series of men, her yearning for an all-consuming love ruptures into violence.

In this breathtaking novel, Victoria Kielland writes her way into the tumultuous inner life of Brynhild Størset, the Norwegian woman who would become Belle Gunness – one of America’s most notorious female serial killers. Written in prose of wild, visceral beauty, My Men dares to imagine one woman’s capacity for ecstatic love and gruesome cruelty.

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Translated by Damion Searls