Nipponia Nippon

by Kazushige Abe


Published 27th July 2023



An off-kilter, darkly ironic novella from a Japanese literary star – part of Pushkin’s second Japanese Novella series

Isolated in his Tokyo apartment, seventeen-year-old Haruo spends all his time online, researching the plight of the endangered Japanese crested ibis, Nipponia Nippon. Living on an allowance from his parents, he drops ever further into a fantasy world in which he alone shares a special connection with the last of these noble birds, held at a conservation centre on the island of Sado.

His conclusion is simple: it is his destiny to free the birds from a society that does not appreciate them, by whatever means necessary. With his emotional state becoming increasingly erratic, he begins to source weapons and prepares for a reckoning.

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Translated by Kerim Yasar