Shola and the Lions

by Bernardo Atxaga


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“So…” Shola wagged her tail doubtfully, “if I’m a lion, why does Grogóinsist on calling me a mere mutt?”

Shola is sure that her noble nature and ambitions of grandeur mean only one thing – that she is, in fact, not a dog but a lioness. To the bemusement of her long-suffering owner, Señor Grogó, she sets off to prove her heroic status to the world (and to herself).

If only those pesky ducks, nonchalant cats and tempting snacks weren’t there to stand in her way…

The Adventures of Shola was an Independent Children’s Book of the Year

‘Fabulous… will make you laugh your socks off’ Guardian Children’s Books

‘Shola is a charming, short creature stuffed with charisma and fierce ideas, and so is the book about her’ Bookbag

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Translated by Margaret Jull Costa

Illustrated by Mikel Valverde

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Genre:Children's Books