by Hermann Hesse


Published 3rd August 2023



An inspirational, influential classic from Nobel-Prize winner Herman Hesse, Siddhartha is a beautiful tale of self-discovery

Dissatisfied with the ways of life he has experienced, Siddhartha, the handsome son of a Brahmin, leaves his family and his friend, Govinda, in search of a higher state of being. Having experienced the myriad forms of existence, from immense wealth and luxury to the pleasures of sensual and paternal love, Siddhartha finally settles down beside a river, where a humble ferryman teaches him his most valuable lesson yet.

Hermann Hesse’s short, elegant novel, echoing the life of the Buddha, has been cherished by readers for decades as an unforgettable spiritual primer. A tender and unforgettable moral allegory, it is an undeniable classic of modern literature.

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Translated by Hilda Rosner

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