Swann in Love

by Marcel Proust


Published 26th October 2023



Stunning edition of the standalone novella from Proust’s great masterpiece, in a new translation

When Charles Swann first lays eyes on Odette de Crécy, he is indifferent to her beauty. Their paths continue to cross in the drawing rooms and theatres of Parisian high society, and the seeds of desire in Swann begin to flourish. What follows is a journey through self-delusion, jealousy and delirious fantasy, which will take Swann far from the sedate comfort of his society life.

A standalone novella from Proust’s monumental masterpiece, Swann in Love is a sublimely witty and poignant story of the illusions of love and desire. Full of the rich social satire and penetrating insight that distinguish Proust’s style, it is the perfect introduction to one of the world’s great novelists.

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Translated by Lucy Raitz

Pushkin Press Classics


Genre:Classics / Fiction