Tender Shoots

by Paul Morand


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Composed before and during the first months of the First World War, Paul Morand did not publish these stories until 1921. Clarissa, Delphine and Aurora Рthree alluring and independent young women Рare stories set largely in London, a city he loved and which continued to fascinate him long after he worked there as an attach̩ at the French embassy.
Stylish, poetic and highly original, Morand’s urbane and witty stories came as a bracing and uplifting breath of fresh air on the French literary scene of the 1920s. They made an immediate impact on writers as diverse as Proust, Cocteau and Giraudoux, and paved the way for Morand’s illustrious literary career that was to follow.

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Translated by Euan Cameron

Pushkin Collection


Genre:Classics / Fiction