The Adventures of Hermes, God of Thieves

100 Journeys through Greek Mythology

by Murielle Szac


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Follow Hermes on 100 unforgettable journeys through the world of Greek mythology

Hermes is determined to have adventures from the very moment of his unusual birth. With his tumbling brown curls and cheerful fearlessness, he charms his fellow gods: mighty Apollo, mournful Artemis, beautiful Aphrodite, and even the king of the immortals himself, Zeus.

Carried by his winged sandals, Hermes travels all over his magical world, full of fearsome monsters and terrible battles, but never forgets to have fun along the way…

“No one does derring-do like the ancients… Charming” Observer

“For the Greeks, Hermes was the god not only of thieves but also of lucky finds, and I’m going to count this fun-packed picaresque adventure novel as one of my own luckiest finds” Paul Cartledge, author of The Spartans

Murielle Szac was born in Lyon. She has worked as a political journalist, been editor-in-chief at various children’s magazines and directed a number of documentaries for television. She has also written several books for children, including The Adventures of Theseus, and The Adventures of Hermes, and is currently the publisher of a children’s imprint at the French publishing house Actes Sud Junior.

Mika Provata-Carlone is an independent scholar, translator, editor, photographer and illustrator. She is passionate about good books, old and new, for the young and for the old; also about old-fashioned presses, smelling of paper and ink. She has also translated Pockety for Pushkin Children’s Books.

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