The Inheritance

by Peter Stephan Jungk


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A harrowing chase from Venezuela to Miami, Peter Stephen Jungk’s The Inheritance is a vivid, Kafkaesque novel set against the chaos of Hugo Chavez’s doomed 1992 military coup.

Daniel Loew, a poet based in London, has been told since childhood that one day he would become his wealthy uncle’s only heir. When he learns of his uncle’s death, in Caracas, a few weeks have since passed. A close friend of his uncle’s tells Loew that he alone has been named executor of the will and blocks Loew from receiving his inheritance… Loew the poet must become Loew the man of action as he fights desperately to regain his inheritance.

Peter Stephen Jungk’s The Inheritance is translated from the German by Michael Hoffman in Pushkin Press.

‘Yet another thrilling, vividly narrated novel from the pen of Peter Stephan Jungk – a plot worthy of film…’

‘This eventful, thrilling novel proves to be the parable of a world whose heirs have all the rights, but cannot do anything with them…’
Die Zeit

Peter Stephan Jungk (b. 1952) was born in Los Angeles and raised in several European cities. In 1974 he moved to Los Angeles and studied at UCLA and the American Film Institute, before releasing his first collection of short stories in 1978. Since then, he has written a further eight books, including The Snowflake Constant, Crossing the Hudson, and, most recently, The Inheritance. His fictional biography of Walt Disney’s last months, The Perfect American, is being developed into an opera for performance in Madrid and London by Philip Glass.

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Translated by Michael Hofmann