The Man Who Sees Ghosts

by Friedrich von Schiller


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A mysterious and disorienting tale of deception and adventure, set against the background of eighteenth-century Venice

One of Germany’s greatest writers, Schiller is best known for his influential dramatic works. The Man Who Sees Ghosts, his only novel, was first published in 1789 and proved to be his most popular work, mainly owing to its masterful treatment of the then fashionable theme of the occult. While in Venice, a young prince of Protestant faith becomes embroiled in a diabolical net of political intrigue and religious conspiracy. Fate takes its course and steers relentlessly towards a climax of shocking violence and death.

Schiller’s narrative is every bit as beautiful and haunting as its cover suggests … a darkly dramatic, beautifully composed illustration of the questions of freedom and will Schiller returns to again and again in his dramas and theses. –TOBIA HILL The Times

Handsome reissue of what Schiller’s one and only novel is an immensely welcome curiosity … a wonderfully weird little work. –STUART KELLY The Scotsman

Friedrich von Schiller (1759-1805) was a German dramatist, poet, novelist, translator and historian, as well as a friend and collaborator of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

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Translated by David Bryer


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