The Pointless Leopard

What Good are Kids Anyway?

by Colas Gutman


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A walk in the woods turns into a funny, philosophical and irresistibly charming mini-adventure.
In this witty tale of insistent parents and talking animals, a child questions his purpose.
In the country, there’s nothing to do, except: admire. It’s the same as being bored, but with your eyes wide open.
The hilarious story of grumpy city-child Leonard, forced to go for country walks with his greenery-loving mum and dad, is a wonderful reminder of what use we may be to the world. What do we know? What can we do? And is any of it of real value?

The Pointless Leopard is a charming tale for all, about the parts we play in the lives of others.

“Overflowing with love and humour” Le monde des livres
“Joyful” Notes bibliographiques
“By turns hilarious and moving” Parole

Colas Gutman’s parents were writers, and for a long time he was convinced that it was the worst profession in the world… Until one day the joy of writing grabbed him. And it hasn’t let him go since.

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Translated by Stephanie Seegmuller

Illustrated by Delphine Perret

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