The Secret of the Blue Glass

by Tomiko Inui


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“I love this book”Michael Morpurgo

A classic story about a magical miniaturefamily’s adventures in wartime Japan

In a dustylibrary, in the quietest corner of a house in a Tokyo suburb, live the LittlePeople: Fern and Balbo, Robin and Iris. Just a few inches high, sleeping incigarette boxes and crafting shoes from old book jackets, they need only onething from their Humans – a nightly glass of milk, served in a sparkling BlueGlass goblet, by a trusted young member of the Humanfamily.

But when the Second World War comes to Japan,bringing a dangerous new kind of patriotism, both Humans and their belovedLittle People face a world they could never before have imagined. It will takegreat love, bravery, and a rather loyal pigeon, to bring their unique familiesback together once more…

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Translated by Ginny Tapley Takemori

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