The Struggle with the Daemon

Hölderlin, Kleist and Nietzsche

by Stefan Zweig


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The Struggle with the Daemon is a brilliant analysis of the European psyche by the great novelist and biographer Stefan Zweig.

In Struggle with the Daemon Stefan Zweig studies three giants of German literature and thought: Friedrich Hölderlin, Heinrich von Kleist and Friedrich Nietzsche — powerful minds whose ideas were at odds with the scientific positivism of their age; troubled spirits whose intoxicating passions drove them mad but inspired them to great works. In their struggle with their inner creative force, Zweig reflects the conflict at the heart of the European soul between science and art, reason and inspiration. Both highly personal and philosophically wide-ranging, this is one of the most fascinating of Zweig’s renowned biographical studies.

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Translated by Cedar Paul


Genre:Biography & Memoir / Non-fiction