This is Amiko, Do You Copy?

by Natsuko Imamura


Published 26th October 2023



An astonishing and moving novella about a misunderstood young girl, from the author of The Woman in the Purple Skirt – part of Pushkin’s second Japanese Novella series

Other people don’t seem to understand Amiko. Whether eating curry rice with her hands at school or peeking through the sliding doors at her mother’s calligraphy class, her curious, exuberant nature often results in confusion. When her mother falls into a depression and her brother begins spending all his time with a motorcycle gang, Amiko is left increasingly alone to navigate a world where she doesn’t quite fit.

Subtle and moving, This is Amiko is a tender portrait of childhood through the eyes of a unique, irrepressible young girl.

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Translated by Hitomi Yoshio