New Year’s Resolutions from our Pushkin Children’s Authors

Posted 2nd January 2021

With such an unconventional year as 2020, it might feel a little odd to be writing New Year’s Resolutions. However, as the blank page of 2021 lies ahead of us, we think a reset would do us all good. So,…

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Christmas Around the World with Pushkin Authors

Posted 22nd December 2020

Christmas in Sydney with Tiffany Tsao I wasn’t always here for Christmas. By ‘here’, I mean Sydney, Australia, the Southern Hemisphere, where Christmas is a summer thing. Where time-honoured Christmas activities include barbecuing and beach-going. Where festive fare, alongside ham…

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Pushkin’s Books of the Year

Posted 8th December 2020

We made it! With 2020 drawing to a close, we are feeling extremely reflective over what has been a complete rollercoaster of a year. While we’re definitely looking forward to the new hope that January will bring, this year has…

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An Encounter with… Rainer Maria Rilke

Posted 4th December 2020

by Will Stone Poems to Night by Rainer Maria Rilke is available now from Pushkin Press, introduced and translated by Will Stone. Rainer Maria Rilke was born in Prague on December 4th, 1875, the only child of a joyless marriage.…

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@ab_reads Fiction in Translation Picks

Posted 2nd December 2020

It’s no secret that we at Pushkin think reading books in translation is a tremendous way of expanding your world. And we’re not the only ones! As we close the book on 2020, we’ve been chatting to book blogger extraordinaire Abbie…

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H.S. Norup and The Hungry Ghost: A Q&A

Posted 23rd October 2020

As spooky season is upon us, we sat down with author H.S. Norup to talk about her wonderfully gripping yet hugely moving new book – The Hungry Ghost. Wondering where that fabulous title comes from? Keep reading to find out……

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Susie Bower: How to Write Children’s Characters

Posted 2nd July 2020

Where do you get your characters from? A classic question most writers face. If the writer replies: They’re an amalgam of people I know. – the questioner’s face may light up with anticipation – or drop in horror. But my…

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Liz Hyder’s Lockdown Leisures

Posted 27th May 2020

Did you miss our Pushkin Pop Up hosted by Liz Hyder and her editor Sarah Odedina? The two had a wonderful discussion about reading and writing in self isolation, how to lift the lockdown blues and what they’re excited about…

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Locked down in Addis Ababa: Ele Fountain

Posted 16th May 2020

When we moved to Addis Ababa with our baby and toddler, it brought an explosion of change to our lives. There were the small things like no fish fingers or fresh milk. Then there were larger things like taking your…

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My Grandfather, the ‘Devilish Twist Man’ Seishi Yokomizo

Posted 12th May 2020

Seishi Yokomizo published 77 books in his hugely successful Kosuke Kindiachi series, but his fame never quite made it outside of Japan. Now, Pushkin Vertigo have been reissuing these golden age mysteries, to great success with critics and readers alike.…

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