Pushkin’s picks for World Book Day

Posted 5th March 2020

Happy World Book Day everyone! The theme this year is Share A Million Stories, and the Pushkin team are getting into the spirit by dressing up as our favourite book characters.  Head over to our social media to see what our authors…

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Exclusive Giveaway for The Inland Sea in partnership with The Book Slut

Posted 25th February 2020

In January of the year I left Sydney I became afraid of walking too close to the gutter and the cars that veered around corners too quickly. I was afraid of cyclists, people in tracksuits by traffic lights, afraid of…

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National Storytelling Week

Posted 3rd February 2020

Across the country this week, the UKLA have teamed up with over 300 schools for #NationalStorytellingWeek, to encourage the sharing of stories among young people and parents. Over the years, we’ve travelled across many countries and languages as well as…

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Ones to Watch in 2020

Posted 14th January 2020

What with 2020 shaping up to be a blindingly brilliant year for books, we thought we ought to let you know what to look out for from Pushkin Press this year. We’ve got a stunning array of books coming out…

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Are you fascist enough? Find out now!

Posted 10th January 2020

As we reflect and look forward to this new year, the question on everybody’s lips seems to be: why continue to make ourselves miserable? Is it really worth the bother? We think not. We think it’s time to stop struggling,…

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