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National Storytelling Week

Posted 3rd February 2020

Across the country this week, the UKLA have teamed up with over 300 schools for #NationalStorytellingWeek, to encourage the sharing of stories among young people and parents.

Over the years, we’ve travelled across many countries and languages as well as imagined cities and fantasy worlds in our Pushkin Children’s list. So this week we wanted to share with you a few of our old favourites, current loves and new discoveries.

Lost by Ele Fountain – out 12th March

When a tragedy befalls Lola and Amit’s family, the two children must learn to fend for themselves on the streets of their city. Another compassionate and compelling novel from Ele Fountain, this book will help open conversations and develop large-scale empathy with young people.

Bearmouth by Liz Hyder – out 6th February

In the depths of Bearmouth mine, Newt works tirelessly with the other men, shifting coal for the Master and praying to the Mayker. When new boy Devlin arrives, his outspokenness sets in motion a revolution… with Newt at its heart. Challenging and dark, Bearmouth is a thrilling story of resistance and friendship.

The Murderer’s Ape by Jakob Wegelius

Sally Jones is an extraordinary gorilla. She’s an engineer on the high seas, travelling the world and seeing many amazing sights. But when her comrade is accused of murder, Sally is the only one who can save him. A swashbuckling classic from Swedish author Jakob Wegelius.

Boy 87 by Ele Fountain

Ele Fountain’s first novel is the heartwrenching tale of Shif, a young boy forced out of his home and into a tireless journey to find safety in a new life. Dealing with themes of immigration between the lines of a courageous adventure story, Boy 87 is a vital addition to your bookshelves.

The Letter for the King by Tonke Dragt

Tiuri has one job: deliver the letter that the fate of the kingdom rests upon. An internationally beloved story, this Dutch classic is the perfect book for parents and children to enjoy together. Plus, an adaptation is hitting a Netflix account near you this Spring!

Let us know what you’re reading this week, and whether any of these titles are your favourites too! Just use the hashtag #NationalStorytellingWeek and tag us @pushkinpress.