‘like someone looking at a fallen tree who assesses the size of the canoe he can extract from it’

14 Jul 2014

“My brother Juan was murdered in Urabá. Despite the immense pain it caused me, I immediately realised that something had happened which had the dimensions of a tragedy – I mean the aesthetic dimensions. Part of me felt a pain which was at times unbearable, while the other part was coldly considering the facts, like someone looking at a fallen tree who assesses the size of the canoe he can extract from it.


Subtly Worded – Out On June 19th

13 Jun 2014

‘More than any other Russian writer of the last century, she deserves to be considered a worthy successor to Chekhov’ Robert Chandler

Teffi’: just one name – like Dante, Rembrandt; or, more topically, Neymar… – but a writer whose stories range so widely in content, style and tone that it is a wonder they were all written by just one woman. (more…)

Summer Reads from Pushkin Press

13 Jun 2014

This summer, we’ve chosen three of our beautiful paperbacks to transport you to other places and other times: Red Love, Bonita Avenue and Butterflies in November. This eclectic selection is guaranteed to keep you enthralled, whether you’re lounging on the beach or stuck on the Tube.


Anybody Can Write a Book: Filippo Bologna’s The Parrots

06 May 2014

A Financial Times and Evening Standard Book of the Year

One would have thought that Thursday, May 8th, is the International Day of Literary Prizes, for no fewer than two novels satirising Prestigious Literary Awards are published that day. While Edward St Aubyn’s Lost for Words takes on the Booker (sorry, Elysium) panel, Filippo Bologna’s The Parrots pulls us into a very, very funny cauldron of backbiting, -scratching and -stabbing that is three writers fighting it out for the ultimate accolade. Fair is foul and foul is fair, and all bets are off. (more…)

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