Wave of reviews for In the Beginning Was the Sea

26 Aug 2014

‘Taut, uncompromising study of the faultlines in all of us’ – Juan-Gabriel Vasquez, Author of The Sound of Things Falling IMPAC Prize 2014, Guardian

‘Taut, uncompromising study of the faultlines in all of us’ – Juan-Gabriel Vasquez, Author of The Sound of Things Falling IMPAC Prize 2014, Guardian

‘A modern Colombian classic…both a story about death and about practical objects’ Financial Times

‘A novel that lingers’ Four-star review Telegraph

‘The lauded Colombian novelist lives up to the hype…extraordinarily evocative’ Independent

‘Smoothly intriguing narrative, with its touches of sinister, Patricia Highsmith-like menace’ Irish Times

‘A brief, pungent, powerful and unusual tale’ – Monocle

‘Haunting’ – Metro

‘Skillfully planted with narrative bombs… you can hear it ticking’ – Intelligent Life

‘Quietly unsettling, elegantly written’ – Sunday Express

‘A fascinating sociological experiment…Tomás González writes with descriptive beauty and subtle irony’  – The Literateur

‘Through the sparse language and the handpicked metaphors, the exotic island that J. and Elena inhabit and the realities of mainland South America come to life… lean and severe but still ultimately artistic’ Four-star review  – Bookbag

‘As menacingly taut as Hemingway’s, and his superlative telling of an idealistic couple’s relationship coming apart at the seams brings to mind any number of US fiction’s modern heroes, from Richard Yates to Jhumpa Lahiri’  – Quadrapheme

‘A fascinatingly dark character study…Unflinching, and pitch perfect trip into the dark heart of Colombia and hippy culture in general…above all a powerful debut’  – Upcoming4Me

And of course Tomas Gonzalez’s moving interview on PEN Atlas

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19 Aug 2014

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Gaito Gazdanov’s The Buddha’s Return

14 Aug 2014

Translated again by the accomplished Bryan Karetnyk, The Buddha’s Return is the story of a young man afflicted with a confused sense of reality (to say the least), who is drawn into the Parisian underworld and eventually accused of his friend’s brutal murder. (more…)

While the Gods Were Sleeping

29 Jul 2014

‘It sounds dreadful,’ I said to him one day. ‘But actually the war is the best thing that ever happened to me.’

We are very excited to announce that Erwin Mortier’s breathtaking exploration of the legacy of war – winner of AKO Literature Award – is out now, available for the first time in English.

The books follows the story of Helena who, as an old woman, turns to the past, filling notebook after notebook, trying to recapture the intensity of her life experience. She recalls the summer of 1914 when her family’s stately, bourgeois life fell to ruin. And how, amongst the devastation and chaos of the First World War, she experienced a form of liberation, with the arrival of a young British photographer who transformed her existence.


‘like someone looking at a fallen tree who assesses the size of the canoe he can extract from it’

14 Jul 2014

“My brother Juan was murdered in Urabá. Despite the immense pain it caused me, I immediately realised that something had happened which had the dimensions of a tragedy – I mean the aesthetic dimensions. Part of me felt a pain which was at times unbearable, while the other part was coldly considering the facts, like someone looking at a fallen tree who assesses the size of the canoe he can extract from it.


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