A sneak peek: Beauty is a Wound

21 Jun 2016

‘An unforgettable, all-encompassing epic.’ – Publishers Weekly

Beauty is a Wound is out now, and we’re so excited to share it with you.

From Man Booker International Prize longlistee Eka Kurniawan, it’s a colour-soaked epic set in Indonesia, filled with vivid sex and violence, fantasy and politics, brutality and courage.

One stormswept afternoon, after twenty-one years of being dead, the beautiful Indonesian prostitute Dewi Ayu rise from her grave to avenge a curse placed on her family. Amidst the orange groves and starfruit trees, her children and grandchildren have been living out lives of violence, incest, murder, madness and heartbreak, They are creatures of breathtaking beauty – all but one of them, whose ugliness in unparalleled. And Beauty is her name.

Intrigued…? Click here to read an exclusive extract.


Design Story: Beauty is a Wound

16 Jun 2016

‘A literary child of Gabriel García Marquez and Salman Rushdie.’ New York Review of Books

Indonesian epic Beauty is a Wound, from Man Booker International nominee Eka Kurniawan is out now. We’re obsessed with this book at Pushkin HQ, it’s a colourful, political and fantastical masterpiece spanning a century of Indonesia’s painful past.

The stunning cover was created by acclaimed designer Nathan Burton, and we caught up with him to discuss the process of designing a jacket for this sprawling and beautiful book.


The Secrets of the Wild Wood is out in paperback!

16 Jun 2016

‘There’s no place you can lose your way as quickly as in the Wild Wood…’

We’re delighted to have the spellbinding sequel to our bestselling children’s book The Letter for the King now in paperback. Rejoin brave Sir Tiuri and his loyal friend Piak as they journey into the shadowy heart of The Wild Wood, a place of mysteries and whispered tales, to save one of the King’s most trusted knights who has vanished in the snow.

Intrigued? Read the first chapter….


Sir Tiuri rode Ardanwen, his black horse, down the muddy path beside the Blue River. Not so long ago, its surface had been covered with ice floes, but now the water could flow freely once again. The river was high and tumbled along. Far away, in the mountains, the snow must be melting. Tiuri raised his head and took a deep breath. Although the air was still cold, it felt different today. The fields and trees to his right were still bare, but the birds swooped happily through the sky above, because they knew it too: winter was over! Soon travellers would be setting out along roads and tracks. Tiuri himself was keen to be off on a journey and to leave Tehuri, his father’s estate, where he had spent the past few months.

Read chapter one

Five essential steps to getting published

14 Jun 2016

On June 20th, we’ll be flinging the doors open to new children’s submissions. Our Children’s Editor Sarah Odedina, will be accepting submissions of full-length novels for readers aged 8+

Reckon you’re the new Rowling or Gaiman? The Open Submissions Initiative will run for 24 hours on 20th June and authors can send their material to books@pushkinpress.com with the subject line ‘SARAH ODEDINA OPEN SUBMISSION MATERIAL’.

To ensure your novel is polished to an irresistible gleam, Sarah has kindly outlined her five top tips to follow before submitting your manuscript:

1.  Perfect your synopsis.  Make sure that it is concise, clear and deals only with the main plot and three main characters.

2.  If you have more than one plot are you sure they are working together?  When books have more than one plot they often work best when complementing one another to tell the bigger over arching story rather than telling two or more potentially conflicting stories.

3.  Are your characters plausible?  Remember that not all heroes are flawless and not all antagonists are totally bad. A bit of complexity is a good thing and makes characters feel more real to the reader.

4.  Cause and effect. One thing should lead naturally on from another and be logical. Even in fantasy fiction actions, reactions and outcomes have to be plausibly linked and not outlandishly incredible.

5.  Make sure you are happy with the presentation of your documents. Spelling, formatting and clarity of presentation makes everything easier for someone else to read and understand.

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