González in London

15 Oct 2014

Tomás González at the London Review Bookshop, 31 October

“My brother Juan was murdered in Urabá.

“Despite the immense pain it caused me, I immediately realised that something had happened which had the dimensions of a tragedy – I mean the aesthetic dimensions. Part of me felt a pain which was at times unbearable, while the other part was coldly considering the facts, like someone looking at a fallen tree who assesses the size of the canoe he can extract from it”

Tomás González, writer of In the Beginning Was the Sea, comes to London to talk at the London Review Bookshop

31st October, 7pm. Book tickets here

‘Extremely potent: sly, voyeuristic, ominously poetic… A cautionary tale about choosing to defy the laws of nature and man, and ultimately discovering that idealism can’t replace them’ – Times Literary Supplement

The Brethren Finally Land on British Shores

19 Sep 2014

'Modern-day Dumas finally crosses the Channel' Guardian

This month sees the long-overdue arrival in the UK of one of France’s most popular series of modern times. The Brethren is the first chapter in the swashbuckling sixteenth-century saga Fortunes of France, and its author, Robert Merle, has been described as the Dumas of the twentieth century. The series has sold five million copies around the world but has only now been translated into English for the first time.


Wave of reviews for In the Beginning Was the Sea

26 Aug 2014

‘Taut, uncompromising study of the faultlines in all of us’ – Juan-Gabriel Vasquez, Author of The Sound of Things Falling IMPAC Prize 2014, Guardian

‘Taut, uncompromising study of the faultlines in all of us’ – Juan-Gabriel Vasquez, Author of The Sound of Things Falling IMPAC Prize 2014, Guardian

‘A modern Colombian classic…both a story about death and about practical objects’ Financial Times

‘Extremely potent: sly, voyeuristic, ominously poetic’ TLS

‘A novel that lingers’ Four-star review Telegraph

‘The lauded Colombian novelist lives up to the hype…extraordinarily evocative’ Independent


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